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Cell Tower and Wireless Equipment Valuation
We do a physical inspection of each site in your community and inventory all the equipment and components that make up
that cell tower site. We use real world data
to give you the most accurate values possible to determine the value of the site
TV and Radio Tower Valuation Service
The US has more than 20,000 radio and television stations broadcasting. We have the information on the cost of construction
and the required equipment. In addition, we
can value other communication towers such as two way radio and agricultural.
Permit Review
Assessors typically start with the value of the
permit for the site. Is this information correct?
Does it include all the work being done at that location? Cell Tower Solutions can help to assure the values are accurate.
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One of your community's biggest businesses may be 200 feet overhead. Do you really know the value?
Cell Tower Solutions is the first company in the US to accurately value cell towers and associated wireless equipment. We have assisted counties and states throughout the US to find unreported assets, readjust values, and learn how to better work with the cellular industry.